Treatment Options for An Uneven Gum Line

The proportional relationship between your teeth and your gums is a major factor in the attractiveness of your smile. If you gum line is uneven or too high or too low, you might request cosmetic surgery to make it consistent and maximize the look of your smile. This type of gum treatment gives you a more aesthetically pleasing smile and normalizes the ratio of gums to teeth.

What Causes an Uneven Gum Line?

In most cases, an uneven gum line is more of a cosmetic than a medical issue. However, if you have suffered from gum disease that has resulted in gum recession, you might require a visit to the periodontist to be sure your gums are healed before you address the uneven look of your smile.

One cause of an uneven gum line or of an overly “gummy” smile is incomplete eruption of the teeth. When teeth emerge from the gums, the gums also naturally withdraw, leaving the tooth exposed. When the gums do not withdraw properly, the result can be a gummy smile and an uneven, unattractive gum line.

Treating an Uneven Gum Line

Cosmetic gum treatment can restore the evenness of your gum line by changing the contours of the gums. Your periodontist can evaluate the condition of your gums and recommend the best treatment options. This could include:

  • Gum contouring surgery, which generally uses a laser to make the gum line more consistent
  • Crown lengthening surgery, which removes some gum tissue to expose more of the tooth
  • Gum grafting, used to shore up gums that have been worn down or that have experienced severe gum disease

Depending upon why your gum line is uneven, one or more of these treatments might be effective for you.

If you’re concerned about how your gums look and would like to find out how to treat gum recession or simply make your smile more beautiful, ask a periodontist for recommendation. A more even, consistent gum line can make your smile stand out from all the rest.

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