Saving Gums Through Pocket Depth Reduction

When it comes to matters concerning the health of your mouth, preserving your gums can be just as important as protecting your teeth! Any level of gum infection should be brought to the attention of your dentist for prompt treatment. When the disease reaches an advanced state, a periodontal specialist can perform expert measures to control your condition before it becomes worse. In particular, a pocket depth reduction surgery can provide valuable relief when your gums chronically bleed and swell.

At your Dallas, TX, Periodontal practice, we can remove the harmful bacteria that gather in between your gums and teeth. While a deep cleaning can treat moderate issues with disease, we may suggest pocket depth reduction when your condition becomes more serious. Meeting with our team can help you preserve the health of your mouth and gums together!

Responding To Your Periodontal Disease

An infection of your gums is caused by the same bacterial formations that gather on your teeth and contribute to decay. While timely oral hygiene can remove surface-level bacteria, when the periodontal disease advances below your gumline and infects your jaw, you require specialized procedures to stop the destruction of your gums. Scaling and root planing can treat mild buildup, but when the pockets between your bone and gums reach a greater depth, reduction surgery offers additional care.

Performing Your Pocket Depth Reduction

At BC Perio, we prioritize your comfort during all procedures related to your periodontal care. To prevent any pain during your surgery, we will first apply a local anesthetic to numb the appropriate area. Using special tools, we will gently pull back the gum tissue and remove plaque and tartar formations that cause your disease. We follow up by smoothing and reshaping any rough bone surfaces to prevent future bacteria from attaching within. A smoother surface allows your gums to more easily reattach following your procedure. Lastly, we adjust the gums to reduce pocket size and sew them shut to reattach as they heal.

Recovering From Your Surgery

Over the following days, you may experience slight swelling or discomfort around your gums. While you recover, you may apply a cold compress to the affected area and consider taking an over-the-counter pain pill for your relief. Following a soft food diet will help prevent pain throughout recovery. When your gums heal, practicing rigorous oral hygiene will help control your disease and increase the likelihood of keeping your natural teeth.

Speak With Your Dallas, TX Periodontal Practice About Effectively Caring For Periodontal Disease

Our practice is ready to help when your gum health is under attack. For more information on pocket reduction surgery or any other procedure for your periodontal care, call BC Perio in Dallas, TX today at (214) 443-0876.

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