Gum Treatment: What are the benefits of functional crown lengthening?

Functional crown lengthening removes excess gum tissue in order to expose more of the crown material of the tooth underneath. Patients may undergo this procedure for a number of reasons, both functional and aesthetic. It is associated with many benefits for patients.

Functional Crown Lengthening: The Procedure

In performing crown lengthening, a periodontist will excise extra gum tissue that conceals a substantial portion of the tooth. A small incision is made in the gum tissue, and the specified amount of gum tissue is removed. The remaining tissue is then sutured into place.

Functional crown lengthening can target a single tooth or multiple teeth, depending on the patient’s needs.

This gum treatment procedure is completed in an outpatient setting, with use of local anesthetic. Patients may also choose sedation for more comfort if desired.

Functional Crown Lengthening: The Benefits

What do you gain when a periodontist performs functional crown lengthening on one of your teeth?

  • Allows tooth to be fitted with a restoration: If a tooth is fractured or broken too close to the gumline, it may be challenging to place a restoration on that tooth with good results. A crown placed in close proximity to the gum tissue can result in inflammation that can affect the bone as well as the gum tissue. Exposing more tooth material allows for adequate space between the restoration and the gum tissue, and it ensures that the restoration will remain in place as expected.
  • Improves the smile’s appearance: An attractive smile has a proportionate amount of gum tissue to frame the teeth. With a “gummy smile,” excess gum tissue detracts from the smile. Functional crown lengthening removes that excess gum tissue for enhanced aesthetics.

There may be additional benefits associated with this gum treatment that are specific to your case, as well. We’d be happy to discuss those with you in greater detail at a consultation.

Is functional crown lengthening the right choice for you? To learn more about the benefits, contact our team at BC Perio to schedule a consultation.

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