Are dental implants the right choice for me?

Dallas dental implantsIf you have missing teeth, whether due to injury, decay, or long-term wear and tear, you might have heard about dental implants as an option for replacement. Dental implants are becoming more common, and many people opt for this choice as a more convenient, natural looking and comfortable form of tooth replacement. If you are looking for information on dental implants in Dallas, our implant dentist can help you determine if implants are a good choice for you.

When you consult with an implant dentist, he or she will consider several factors before recommending dental implants. These factors can determine if implants will be successful for you. If the dentist feels that you are not a good candidate for traditional implants, he might suggest another option for teeth replacement.

Some of the most important factors that can influence the success of the implant procedure include:

  • Your overall health
  • How long your teeth have been missing
  • The strength and overall mass of the bone in your jaws
  • The presence of gum disease

Because implants require a surgical procedure, your overall health can determine the likelihood of the procedure being a success. If you are a smoker, or if you suffer from other conditions such as diabetes, your body’s ability to heal can be affected.

The overall strength and condition of your jawbone is another very important factor. The root portion of a dental implant requires sufficient bone mass to support it. If your teeth have been missing for a number of years, this bone mass might have decreased enough that an implant is not likely to anchor well without an additional bone graft procedure.

In addition, if you are currently suffering from severe gum disease, your implant dentist might recommend that you treat this before undergoing the implant procedure to prevent bacteria and infection from spreading throughout your body or otherwise making your recovery less likely to be successful after your implants are placed.

To discuss if implants are right for you, contact our office to speak with our caring team and set up an appointment.

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