BC Perio is one of three offices in Texas that has the technology for minimally invasive periodontal surgery (termed VMIS).  Dr. John Tunnell has done extensive research on this new periodontal technique.

Minimally Invasive Treatment

Minimally invasive periodontal surgery (termed VMIS) is an innovative approach to periodontal treatment that only uses very small incisions in the areas requiring treatment, reducing or eliminating the need to flap the gum tissue back on multiple surrounding teeth like in traditional periodontal surgery. A camera is inserted under the gum tissue through these small incisions for visualization during the procedure and infected tissue and root surface debris can be removed without trauma to neighboring healthy sites. A bone graft mixed with growth factors is then placed around the teeth to aid in regeneration of the surrounding bone and gum tissue. These small surgical sites are typically closed with only a single suture that will dissolve on its own after a few days. Using VMIS, the depth of gum pockets can be reduced, allowing for a return to periodontal health. As a minimally invasive approach to periodontal treatment, VMIS has been shown to result in superior regeneration of the periodontium with less gum recession and less post-operative pain compared to traditional periodontal surgery.


While traditional periodontal surgery, which involves reflecting the gum tissue to allow for removal of infected tissue, cleaning of the tooth roots, and smoothing of the bone to reduce gum pocket depths is still an effective and in some cases more appropriate procedure, VMIS can serve as an alternative treatment under certain circumstances.


Please contact BC Perio to see if you are a candidate for VMIS.
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Dr. John Tunnell has done extensive research on VMIS and is also published on minimally invasive periodontal surgery.