Recognizing And Addressing Periodontal Disease

What does an unhealthy smile look like? The answer will vary—after all, people bring different concerns to their dentist. What you should keep in mind is that evidence of poor oral health can be found on your gums as well as on your teeth. Tissues that have started to recede or appear swollen and discolored, problems with bleeding when you brush and floss, and even the invisible (but still embarrassing) problem of chronic bad breath all point to poor gum health. Gingivitis is the first stage of an infection, but it is not all you must worry about. In time, the condition will worsen. Not receiving care in time leads to the onset of periodontal disease. Your Dallas, TX periodontal treatment specialist can help you manage this condition and protect your appearance and health.

Why Periodontal Disease Should Not Be Taken Lightly

If you have problems with gingivitis, timely hygiene care and help from your general dentist’s office can prevent complications. Removing the bacteria responsible for your condition soon after symptoms are identified stop the problem from progressing to its more serious stage. Periodontal disease, the advanced form of an infection, is a more significant concern. This problem can be permanent, and you will need to rely on more advanced care to prevent complications. Those complications include tooth loss, which can certainly impact your smile and quality of life!

Taking Steps To Manage An Active Infection

By scheduling your initial appointment, you can make sure that your condition is closely reviewed to determine how it should be managed. If the problem is caught at the stage of gingivitis, scaling and root planing can lead to a full recovery. Unfortunately, not everyone who observes signs of poor periodontal health undergo care in time to prevent complications. For those who find themselves with a more serious infection, we can provide an evaluation and recommendations for care. If necessary, that care can include careful oral surgery to respond to deepening periodontal pockets and attachment loss.

Addressing Tooth Loss Linked To Periodontal Disease

As periodontal disease worsens, you can suffer alarming tissue damage. Eventually, that damage can weaken the support your teeth have, and you can lose them. Poor gum health is the leading reason for adult tooth loss. If this is something that has already impacted you, our practice can help. In addition to managing active problems with periodontal disease, we can prepare you for dental implant placement. Implant dentistry offers remarkably stable prosthetic appliances as well as support for your jawbone and neighboring teeth.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Periodontal Practice About Effectively Caring For Periodontal Disease

Our practice is ready to help you if your gum health has become a point of concern. For more information on recognizing the signs of periodontal disease and ensuring it is properly managed, call BC Perio in Dallas, TX today at (214) 443-0876.

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