Improving Smiles With Gum Regeneration

When faced with advanced periodontal disease, your gums could recede and lack of treatment could leave you vulnerable to tooth loss. To help protect the health and stability of your smile, we can offer treatment to regenerate healthy tissues. At your Dallas, TX, periodontal treatment office, we offer tissue regeneration to keep your gums healthy and your smile full, so you can avoid the major complications of advanced periodontal disease.

The Impact Of Gum Disease

When gum disease is allowed to grow and spread, it can reach a more advanced stage that causes the tissues to recede and for deep pockets for harmful bacteria to enter. The exposed portions of the teeth could develop decay and infection, and the tissues could become inflamed and diseased, impacting both the health and beauty of your smile. The risk of tooth loss and damaged jawbone structure increases as well! Which is why we want to not only halt the progression of the disease, but offer care to regenerate bone and tissue, protecting the stability of your smile for years to come.

The Tissue Regeneration Process

First, we will take steps to ensure you’re comfortable and relaxed, using a local anesthetic and possible sedation as well. We will fold back the gum tissue to remove and destroy pockets of bacteria and tartar. Once we do, our team can apply membranes, bone grafts, or even proteins to stimulate tissue growth and help your body regenerate bone and tissue in these weakened areas. The procedure then reduces pocket depth and repairs the damage brought on by periodontitis.

Protecting Your Smile

We then take action moving forward to help manage the disease and prevent these concerns from arising in your smile, so you avoid damage to your bone and gum tissue, and avoid the risk of tooth loss. We could discuss changes to your diet and daily habits, and discuss proper oral hygiene habits, such as brushing and flossing. Visits for a cleaning every three to four months to remove buildup and control the diseases may be recommended as well. With the right steps, you can enjoy a full and healthy smile for years to come!

If you have any questions about tissue regeneration, then please reach out to our team today for your first visit of 2024! We want to work with you to keep your smile strong, so let us know if you notice your tissues appear red, feel sore, or bleed easily or recede.

 Speak With BC Perio About Surgical Treatment

If you would like to learn more about how our team can regenerate healthy tissues and manage your periodontal concerns, call our Dallas, TX periodontal treatment office at 214-443-0876. Our team is ready to help you maintain a full and healthy smile.


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